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Next taster evening: Tues 2nd July 2024

Please email our membership coordinator to let us know you're coming along.

Who are we?

Bristol A Cappella is the current British champion mixed barbershop chorus; we sing contemporary songs from a range of genres in the barbershop style. We don't have beatboxing or soloists, but we aim to create a wall of sound by singing in four to eight-part harmony. We’re always looking to improve our performances and have a good time along the way. We love to entertain at gigs and competitions and always welcome new auditionees. Don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds - you'll never have to sing by yourself and you get three months to do it!

Bristol A Cappella in concert

How to join

Weekly membership

Who's this for?

Anyone who can make our weekly rehearsal timings and wants to excel at mixed barbershop/close harmony a cappella.

When and where?

When: 7:30 to 10:00 pm on Tuesdays
Where: Victoria Methodist Church undercroft, Whiteladies Road, BS8 1NU

How much does it cost?

Your first two rehearsals are free, then membership is £29.00 per month (half that if you're under 26).

What's my next step?

Read on below…

Coaching only

Who's this for?

If you can't make our weekly rehearsals, you can still sing in contest with Bristol A Cappella by becoming an OutBAC member.

When and where?

When: weekends leading up to a contest
Where: often Victoria Methodist Church undercroft, but could be elsewhere

How much does it cost?

After audition, membership is £6.00 per month (half that if you're under 26); weekend sessions are £10.00 each.

What's my next step?

Taster evenings

We host taster evenings three or four times a year. These run at a more relaxed pace than our normal rehearsals (see below). Bring yourself and some water to keep hydrated!

Open rehearsals

If you're keen to dive in, and don't mind a faster introduction, you can come along to one of our open rehearsals, usually the second Tuesday of each month. They'll give you a good feel for the chorus, but can feel a bit full-on if you'd prefer to start with other new singers.

Getting there

There's parking on the surrounding streets, and many buses stop close by on Whiteladies Road.

Getting into the venue

Entrance to the rehearsal space is to the right of the church down the slope; double back to the left halfway down and enter through blue wooden doors.

Are we COVID-secure?

We've done our risk assessments, and put in place mitigations to try to ensure that none of our singers catch or pass on COVID-19 at a chorus event.

New singer information

Check out our new singer information for the quick-start guide to joining Bristol A Cappella.

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