About Us

Bristol A Cappella is a high-quality mixed chorus that sings contemporary songs from a range of genres in the barbershop style. We don't have beatboxing or soloists, but we aim to create a wall of sound by singing in four to eight-part harmony. We’re always looking to improve our performances and have a good time along the way. We love to entertain at gigs and competitions and always welcome new auditionees.


We have a long-term vision with shorter-term goals to get us there. Our mantra is:

Enjoyment · Education · Excellence

One of our new members receiving their certificate




  • 6th October: IABS international silver medallist chorus, scoring 75.2%


  • 22nd July: Collaboration with Great Western Chorus at the Redgrave Theatre
  • 29th May: BABS convention, scoring 70.2%


  • 10th December: First major self-hosted concert
  • 30th May: BABS convention - first ever British mixed chorus to compete, scoring 64%
  • 12th March: First contest - Mid-Somerset Festival


  • July: First coaching evening with Liz Garnett
  • January: Rehearsals moved to Victoria Methodist Church



  • 1st October: Official founding date, rehearsing at St. Paul's, Clifton
  • Spring: Trial rehearsals


We have a visual identity page for logos, colours, and guidelines for the use of our branding.

Enjoyment · Education · Excellence