Where are we going as a chorus? One of our coaches (the wonderful Liz Garnett) has helped us to split our aims into three sections. We have outcome goals - things we want to achieve - and process goals - how we want to get there - for the chorus, and personal goals which each singer makes for themselves.


Bristol A Cappella aims:

  • to be a fun place to sing harmony a cappella1) , in the rock, pop and show song styles;
  • to work on continual improvement to our craft;
  • to be good ambassadors for a cappella singing in the wider community;
  • to entertain our audiences wherever we perform;
  • to socialise as a group and encourage fellowship among singers.


Bristol A Cappella aims:

  • to become a solid 70%+2) chorus;
  • to put on two or three full show experiences each year;
  • to compete once per year;
  • to have smaller events, like busking and flash mobs, to reach a total of around ten performances each year.
We're looking for lyrical songs that create full, “locked” chords; we don't sing traditional barbershop songs, but that's where this style of a cappella singing started, with what's known as the “expanded sound”.
Using guidelines on sound, musicality and performance from the Barbershop Harmony Society
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