Visual Identity

These are guidelines on how to use our visual identity. We aim to present a unified look that will help to give an impression of Bristol A Cappella as a professional but playful organisation.


In general, you can use our visual identity for non-commercial purposes1) subject to the following rules2) . If you need to use the identity in a commercial context or for use outside these rules, drop us a line and we'll talk about granting a licence.

  • Don’t imply an association that doesn’t exist; if we're working together on something, though, you can use our identity to promote it.
  • Keep it clean; you shouldn't be putting our identity in the context of any illegal or offensive activities.
  • Use our identity civilly; subject to fair dealing, don't use the Bristol A Cappella identity in ways that are damaging to our reputation or deceive people.
  • No mashups; don't combine our identity with yours or others unless you have written permission.
  • No use in names; don't use our identity in the name of your publication.
  • No confusingly similar use; don't try to exert ownership of our identity or make your own approximation.
  • No liability; we don't accept any liability arising from your use of our visual identity.

To use these images, right-click and choose “Save image as…” or “Save picture as…”.

For vector versions, there is a link under each image to download the SVG file.

Full logo, black text:

Download PNG

Download SVG

Full logo, white text:

Download PNG

Download SVG

Bubbles with text:

Download PNG

Download SVG

Bubbles without text:

Download PNG

Download SVG

We have many other variants of the logo; let us know if you need something different.


Our colours are taken from the logo, with lighter variants for borders and darker variants for text.


rgb(255, 51, 17)
rgb(100%, 20%, 7%)


rgb(255, 153, 0)
rgb(100%, 60%, 00%)


rgb(255, 221, 0)
rgb(100%, 87%, 0%)


rgb(170, 221, 17)
rgb(67%, 87%, 7%)


rgb(51, 170, 238)
rgb(20%, 67%, 93%)


rgb(221, 51, 170)
rgb(87%, 20%, 67%)

Light Red

rgb(255, 187, 170)
rgb(100%, 73%, 67%)

Light Orange

rgb(255, 221, 170)
rgb(100%, 87%, 67%)

Light Yellow

rgb(255, 238, 170)
rgb(100%, 93%, 67%)

Light Green

rgb(204, 221, 153)
rgb(80%, 87%, 60%)

Light Blue

rgb(170, 221, 238)
rgb(67%, 87%, 93%)

Light Purple

rgb(221, 170, 204)
rgb(87%, 67%, 80%)

Dark Red

rgb(170, 34, 17)
rgb(67%, 13%, 7%)

Dark Orange

rgb(170, 102, 0)
rgb(67%, 40%, 0%)

Dark Yellow

rgb(170, 153, 0)
rgb(67%, 60%, 0%)

Dark Green

rgb(119, 153, 17)
rgb(47%, 60%, 7%)

Dark Blue

rgb(17, 102, 153)
rgb(100%, 87%, 67%)

Dark Purple

rgb(153, 34, 119)
rgb(60%, 13%, 47%)


Our main font is Museo, with Nexa Bold for titles and headings. The publicity coordinator can supply you with fonts if you need to produce documents for the chorus. If you're on a platform limited to free fonts, Arvo can be used for body text, and League Spartan for headings.

Headings and titles should be lowercase throughout (i.e., no capitalisation).

Headings, but not titles, are shown in BAC Blue in print or BAC Dark Blue on web sites to distinguish them from links.



We don't have a public image library at the moment, but if you need to use photos of the chorus or any smaller groups, please get in touch and we'll be able to make some available.

Commercial use would include anything that you sell, even if you don't make a profit.
These are based on SurveyMonkey's rules
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