COVID-19 Rehearsal Guidelines

Rules for returning to in-person rehearsals
DRAFT, pending survey and committee approval
Updated 10th October 2020

We’re all responsible for following these rules to make rehearsals safe and enjoyable for everyone. By meeting we’re assuming a collective responsibility for each other’s safety. Please see our risk register for further information.

  • Maintain 2 m separation between members of different households/bubbles.
  • Everyone attending rehearsal must wear masks at all times indoors; bring a spare for when the first is too damp from singing. If you are exempt from wearing a mask, please inform the committee or welfare coordinator privately.
  • Rehearsals will be shortened to :?:; capacity will be limited to :?: people.
  • Anyone attending rehearsal must confirm on the door that, for the last 14 days:
    • they've had no symptoms or a positive test;
    • they haven't had any close contact with anyone who has symptoms or a positive test;
    • they aren't being asked to self-isolate after travel or contact with an infected person;
    • they have activated the NHS Track and Trace app on their phone with them at rehearsal.
  • Anyone attending rehearsal is required to tell the Committee if they develop symptoms or have a positive test between rehearsals.
  • Warm up your voice on the way to rehearsal; we won't be doing lots of exercises in the rehearsal space.
  • Arrival/exit times will be staggered and singers will have to wait if they miss their arrival time to avoid queueing/gathering at doors.
  • Everyone should avoid the use of shared kitchens; members should bring their own refreshments such as bottle water.
  • Toilets at the venue should only be used in emergencies.
  • Members must keep their personal belongings in one area and must not touch the belongings of others.
  • Members may use only their own copies of the music.
  • Singers are advised that if they undertake any risky behaviours (large group events, etc.), they should not attend rehearsal for 14 days from the behaviour.
  • Singers must remember that their decision to attend choir is made at their own risk as the group's and the venue's safety measures cannot reduce risk of contracting COVID-19 to zero.
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