COVID-19 Rehearsal Guidelines

Rules for in-person rehearsals
Approved by Committee 2nd May 2022

We’re all responsible for working together to make rehearsals safe and enjoyable for everyone. By meeting we're assuming a collective responsibility for each other's safety. Please see our risk register for further information.

Singers must remember that their decision to attend choir is made at their own risk as the group's and the venue's safety measures cannot reduce risk of contracting COVID-19 to zero.

The committee strongly advises and requests all who attend any chorus event:

  • to receive full doses of an approved vaccine, to reduce the risk of someone bringing COVID-19 to rehearsal;
  • to stay away from rehearsal with any kind of infectious respiratory illness, including COVID-19, coughs and colds.

The committee recommends:

  • the use of lateral flow tests where possible, though with the end of free testing this is no longer mandatory at rehearsals;
  • the use of the NHS Track and Trace app, active at rehearsals.


  • Anyone who has a confirmed case between rehearsals is encouraged to let the chorus know via Slack so that others may take appropriate precautions, for instance if they are seeing vulnerable people.


Droplet transmissionFace coverings are welcome, but not required.
Surface transmissionSanitiser will be available with the refreshments box and visitor folders in case anyone would like to use it after touching shared items.
Aerosol transmissionWe will aim to keep CO2 concentration to under 800 ppm, as advised by the Health and Safety Executive by increasing ventilation; singers should wear warmer clothes in cold weather.

Higher grade masks are again welcome, but not required.
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