New Singer Information

Welcome to Bristol A Cappella!

Here’s some important information for potential new members. If you’ve got any questions after reading this summary, please speak to the Membership Secretary or a Section Leader (SL) at your first rehearsal, or email

First rehearsal

In your first week, one of the team will ask the Musical Director or SL to check your vocal range to suggest which voice part best suits your voice. From high to low, these voice parts are soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. The range check helps us figure out which section you should rehearse with and which section leader you can ask about any questions you have.

If you’d like to come back for another rehearsal, please do! After your first rehearsal, our Membership Secretary will take contact details from you including an email address so we can send you further information about joining.

After your first or second rehearsal, if you decide you’d like to join, we’ll create an account for you on our website and ask you to sign a copyright agreement. Once you’ve agreed to this, we can give you access to our web site’s singer pages to download sheet music and teach tracks to help you to learn songs.

You don’t have to read music to sing with us, but we do give you a copy of the songs we’re singing during the rehearsal until you can access the web site.

Free rehearsals

Every potential new singer can come along to two free rehearsals to decide whether the chorus is right for them. Come along to the pub at the end of the evening to have a chat with the other singers!

Audition process

We’re looking for singers who enjoy making good music, whether they’re just starting out and have plenty of potential, or have been singing for decades. Your SL will explain this to you in more detail at your first couple rehearsals, but in short, the audition consists of memorising a song (we give you mp3 teach tracks to help you learn it) and singing this song confidently and independently as part of the chorus. You won't ever need to sing alone and you get eight weeks to learn the song!

Once you’ve passed the audition process, you’ll become a full member of the Bristol A Cappella chorus and we’ll present you with a certificate, a shiny name badge, and sort out uniform for you.

Learning songs

We learn around six to eight new songs each year. Although we work on the musicality of songs in rehearsal, you’re expected to learn the notes in your own time and put in some practice at home during the week.


Every year we try to take part in a major competition and put on several large shows, plus we take on a number of gig bookings from busking to private engagements. We also schedule three or more weekend coaching sessions spaced throughout the year where outside specialists help improve our techniques and performance.Chorus members are expected to take part in as many of these as they can.

Special requirements

If you have any special requirements or medical conditions that you think we should be aware of, please contact the Welfare Coordinator or Membership Secretary. We’ll make sure that this information is treated confidentially and only inform your Section Leader if you are happy for us do this and only if it’s necessary.

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