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These social media links are used across the site.

When editing this table, you don't need to align the dividers, but it can help make the code more readable. Any line beginning with | is treated as an entry.

Label Icon Icon styleLink Colour
Facebook facebook brands #1778F2
Twitter twitter brands #38A1F3
Meetup meetup brands #ED1C40
YouTube youtube brands #ED3833

Label: the text that will be shown in screen readers.

Icon: the exact name of the Font Awesome free icon to be used, like microphone.

Icon style: the Font Awesome icon style, usually solid, regular, or brands.

Colour: The CSS colour code for the icon, in any CSS-compatible format, like #FF0000 or rgb(100%,0,0).

Link: where the action link takes you; on this site, use a relative URL like /visit; for an external site use a canonical URL like

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