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BAC Music Team

The music team lead the music-making side of the chorus, deciding which songs will be learnt, teaching technique, and rehearsing their sections. They have regular monthly meetings plus an annual strategy retreat.



Musical DirectorIain Hallam
Deputy MDJames Horsburgh
Performance LeaderKatie Harris
Singing LeaderNicky Young

Section leaders (followed by deputies)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
Vikki Stirling [S1]
Katie Harris [S2]
Chelsea Alventosa [A2]
Felicity Gove [A1]
Liz Beaton [T1]
Erica Smith [T2]
James Horsburgh [B2]
Gareth Murphy [B1]


CoordinatorPerformance Leader
MembersLacey Flook


CoordinatorSinging Leader
MembersJames Horsburgh
Gary Wells
Jonathan Wilde


There are some music team resources that are only accessible to music team members.